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Bringing new innovations in the Solar industry!

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We at SVA ROBOTICS, committed to improve solar panels efficiency by researching and developing new kinds of equipment suitable to any type of installation. Bringing new innovations in the solar industry.

We specialize in manufacturing smart autonomous solar panel cleaning robots suitable to any type of solar installations providing fast, hassle free, efficient cleaning in both with and without water (Dry & Wet Cleaning Mode).

We provide ROR (Robot on Rent) Service for Industrial and Residential solar plants with affordable subscription plans.

More sustainable power source, more life for the planet.

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing market, the installation of solar plants is increasing drastically since last few years! We join this revolution by bringing innovative solutions to reduce the maintenance and boost solar generation.

Our Value

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  • Vision

    To Make life better and easier for everyone

  • Mission

    To bring Sustainable, Viable and Affordable robotics and IoT products to accelerate human life.

Our Achievements at Glance

We have achieved various recognitions, grants and awards from reputed organizations in the last 2 years of company establishment and also received various supports from government organizations.

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